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Archive for August 9th, 2013

What Are the Penalties for Drunk Driving In Ohio?

Drunk driving law

Did you know that in the state of Ohio, about one out of every seven licensed driver has been convicted of driving while impaired at least once? That is around 1.1 million people!

If you get a DUI, or an OVI which is what its called in Ohio, you will need to seek a drunk driving attorney to help protect your rights and take the right actions to limit the consequences you may face.

The penalties for drunk driving can be as follows

  • A Plea Bargain. In a case where your blood alcohol level was just borderline illegal, you did not cause an accident and you had no prior record, your drunk driving defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain for you.
  • License Suspen

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Want to Spice Up Veggies, Chips, and Sandwiches Without Ruining Your Diet?

Easy hummus recipe

Three pepper hummus, jalapeno and lime hummus, spicy garlic hummus, black bean hummus, sweet potato hummus… The list goes on and, if you are anything like me, your mouth is already watering. Hummus is nutritional and, with its many variations, you never have to fear growing tired of hummus.

Just How Healthy Is It?

With American obesity becoming something of an epidemic, eating nutritional, healthy foods is more important than ever. Most hummus recipes contain chickpeas, tahini (a paste made with sesame and olive oil), lemon juice, and garlic, but what does that mean for your diet?

Hummus spread, especially the chickpeas inside it, is rich with iron and manganese. These nutrients keep energy levels u

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Pay Per Click Management How It Works

Ppc management

Email and web searches as still far and away the most popular activities online. Easily over three quarters of all Internet activity begins with a web search. Given the data, email and searches are where online marketers spend much of their energy and focus.

But of the over one hundred thousand searches performed every minute, only 25% of them end up with a user clicking a paid ad on the search page. The overwhelming majority of searchers choose organic search results over sponsored ads. And over a third of those clicks are going to the top three results (18% to the top ranked result, 10% to the second, and 7% to the third).

So if paid ads are not providing the kind of ROI that advertisers need, what is the answer? If you think like a marketer, the answer is clear. You go where the people are.

Pay Per Click

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About Aluminum Extruders

Secondary aluminum smelters

Did you know that a lot of the stuff you see every day is made with aluminum? A lot of important things people use every day are made from aluminum, and that requires professional aluminium extruders to work with aluminum alloys to make exactly what they have to make.

Aluminum coils are one of the most commonly used things that have to do with aluminum. There are a whole bunch of factory and wholesale companies that are aluminum scrap suppliers, and those scraps of aluminum eventually become important things, like pieces in your cell phone and parts of your toaster. Without them, life would be a lot different.

Even aluminum ingot suppliers are important. Aluminum ingot can be transformed into a number of different alu

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The Purpose of Flow Meters

What is flow meter

Everyone has most likely heard of flow meters or know what is a flow meter, whether used for a plant, or in home, but does anyone really know how does a flow meter work, what purpose they truly serve, or which one is the best for their situation? A flow meter instrument is used to measure linear, non linear, mass or the volume flow rate of a gas or liquid. Selecting the right flow meter comes with having a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application of the unit. Therefore, taking time to evaluate the situation before purchasing one is highly recommended.

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