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Archive for August 26th, 2013

Hurt at Work? Get What You Deserve

Maritime attorney

If you have been injured on the job, you know that an event like this can leave you dealing with large worries about financial insecurity. There are options other than workers compensation, some of them just take a little research to find. The Longshore Compensation Act has handled over 27,000 different cases brought by private employees that had been hurt or killed by employment related injuries and diseases.

The Longshore Act has allowed many government contractors to get settlements related to overseas injuries. A defense base act attorney may be able to assist you with taking advantage of the Longshore act if you have been injured on the job. Over 155,000 different contractors reside in Iraq and Afghanistan. This

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Top Five Interesting Facts About Courier Services in the United States

Package services delivery time

In this largely digital age, there is still a need for a courier to deliver some things that just can not be emailed. World courier services are available when something needs to be somewhere else quickly, safely, and accurately. Many of these services even guarantee same day delivery to opposite coasts in the United States. Here are a few facts you should know before you decide to hire one.

1. Did you know that the Los angeles courier Service provides same day delivery across the United States? This is perfect for sending items that need to be somewhere quick and the

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