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Archive for August 6th, 2013

Tips for Buying Condo and Townhomes

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With the recent upswing in the real estate market, you may be considering looking at condo and townhomes for sale. You may be asking yourself, Can I buy a condo? And then there is the question of purchasing a condo vs townhome.

The best way to get information before buying condo or townhomes is to contact a real estate professional. These people have the buying a condo 101 information that can help you with your purchasing decision. For instance, you may be wondering about whether a condominium vs apartment living is for you. Condos may be very similar to apartments with the main difference being that you will actually own the condo and townhomes rather than just paying rent.

When to buy a condo a

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Is Your Motor Oil Ruining Your Car?

Buy motor oil

There is nothing more important to the longevity of a vehicle than motor oil. Still, a remarkable number of vehicle owners choose either to neglect necessary oil changes or to use substandard motor oil. This article will discuss the importance of quality motor oil and the reasons for its importance.

What Exactly Is Motor Oil For?

Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in your vehicle’s internal combustion engine. It also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying away the heat generated by moving parts. Made from petroleum based and non petroleum synthesized chemical compounds, motor oil is derived from crude oil with certain additives that improve properties like viscosity, flash point, and acidity.

So What’s the Difference Between Different Kinds?

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