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The Purpose of Flow Meters

What is flow meter

Everyone has most likely heard of flow meters or know what is a flow meter, whether used for a plant, or in home, but does anyone really know how does a flow meter work, what purpose they truly serve, or which one is the best for their situation? A flow meter instrument is used to measure linear, non linear, mass or the volume flow rate of a gas or liquid. Selecting the right flow meter comes with having a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application of the unit. Therefore, taking time to evaluate the situation before purchasing one is highly recommended.

Some things to consider when researching flow meters are, what is flow meter going to be measuring, liquid or gas? Are you going to require a specific rate or total rate in which it can flow? Is the substance that will be flowing through clean? Will the substance be chemically comparable with the meters parts? You probably get the point. It is important to think about all aspects when purchasing anything, especially something as important as a flow meter.

Choosing a good flow meter can be difficult, but deciding which one to purchase should depend on intangible factors, such as familiarity of plant personnel, experience with collaboration and maintenance, spare part availability, etc. Depending on what the liquid or gas is running to, it is almost always something that must be regulated. Too much, or too little of anything, in terms of running gas and liquid, can be damaging and cause many problems.

Although flow meters are more known for their presence in warehouses, big plants, or any type of business that requires such an instrument, there are still reasons for regulating flow within a home. Actually, for people that suffer from asthma, it is recommended that they should definitely have a flow meter installed in their homes, because it could help prevent attacks from occurring, due to it’s regulating purposes.

With advancements in technology, how does a flow meter work has become easier and involves less attention than before. Today, there are digital flow meters that allow for more efficient and easier regulation of flow rates, what is going in, and what is going out.

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