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Pay Per Click Management How It Works

Ppc management

Email and web searches as still far and away the most popular activities online. Easily over three quarters of all Internet activity begins with a web search. Given the data, email and searches are where online marketers spend much of their energy and focus.

But of the over one hundred thousand searches performed every minute, only 25% of them end up with a user clicking a paid ad on the search page. The overwhelming majority of searchers choose organic search results over sponsored ads. And over a third of those clicks are going to the top three results (18% to the top ranked result, 10% to the second, and 7% to the third).

So if paid ads are not providing the kind of ROI that advertisers need, what is the answer? If you think like a marketer, the answer is clear. You go where the people are.

Pay Per Click marketing gets the ads in front of the people who are already interested in what the ad is selling. Seo companies use effective pay per click management to focus advertising dollars into a laser beam of practicality and measurable results.

Picture this. A searcher is looking for blue shirts, which is what you just happen to sell. The search they perform yields thousands of pages, but our searcher is squarely in the 35% of people who click on one of the top three organic results, and they go with number one. While none of the top three is your site, your PPC management service (which could be your Seo consultants or a dedicated pay per click management company) has arranged for your ad to appear on all three, so that even though your site does not rank as high as the top three, you still get your ad in front of the people who click on the top three, maximizing your money and resources, and ultimately meeting buyers a little farther down their decision making path.

SEO leads, like those generated by good pay per click management, are almost seven times more likely to generate sales than direct marketing or mail campaigns. If that figure makes your jaw drop, you owe it to your bottom line to talk to an SEO provider or a pay per click management service today. People are looking. Help them find you. Learn more about this topic here.

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