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What Are the Penalties for Drunk Driving In Ohio?

Drunk driving law

Did you know that in the state of Ohio, about one out of every seven licensed driver has been convicted of driving while impaired at least once? That is around 1.1 million people!

If you get a DUI, or an OVI which is what its called in Ohio, you will need to seek a drunk driving attorney to help protect your rights and take the right actions to limit the consequences you may face.

The penalties for drunk driving can be as follows

  • A Plea Bargain. In a case where your blood alcohol level was just borderline illegal, you did not cause an accident and you had no prior record, your drunk driving defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain for you.
  • License Suspension. In Ohio, you can lose your license from six months to three years for a DUI offense. Even a first offense can put six points on your license.
  • Jail Time> For a repeat offender or for a DUI that caused an accident or worse, you could end up serving jail time.

There are also other penalties, like fines and even community service.

Your best bet if you have a DUI is to contact a Dui attorney columbus ohio immediately. The attorney will be able to listen to your situation and tell you which penalties for drunk driving you can expect to be faced with.

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