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What Are the Benefits of Using Residential Oil Deliveries?

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), approximately 5.3 million households in the US depend on heating oil, 82% of whom are located in the Northeast Census Region. This video explains and shows how residential oil deliveries are conducted. One of the main benefits of heating oil is its efficiency over natural gas and electricity in terms of heat output per gallon.

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Not only is it more efficient, but oil heat is cheaper than the alternatives, while also being safer since leaks are obvious and it cannot explode. It also has a minuscule chance of igniting unless it is preheated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Residential oil deliveries can be scheduled to run automatically. Homeowners can work with their HVAC providers to estimate a delivery schedule based on household consumption. During the delivery, the heating oil provider provides a verifiable receipt of oil dispensed into the homeowner’s tank. Before dispensing oil, this receipt is inserted into a state-certified meter, and when the tank is filled, the meter will stamp on the receipt the number of gallons delivered. The oil heat delivery person will then leave a copy of the receipt for the homeowner to find.

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