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What You Didnt Know About Roof Damage

The older the house, the higher the chance of having a wind damaged roof. The roof being inspected in the video has been on for 25 years and shows different types of possible wind damage.

1. There are creases created on the shingles after being lifted by the wind.

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The shingle can be repaired by resealing.
2. Sometimes roof shingles may have been blown up and creased until they turn over and are about to fall off. This is usually a pulled fastener where the staple is no longer holding the shingle. The shingle cannot be fastened back down and must be replaced.
3. In some cases, the shingle has been blown upwards until it rips material off from the shingle below it. That requires replacement.
4. There are situations where the shingle has been torn off and blown away.

Most wind creases may not be visible from the ground and should be inspected by actual climbing on the roof. To avoid an extensive wind damaged roof, have a roof inspection done about a year from the time of installation. The older the building, the higher the chance of having a wind damaged roof.

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