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Check Out This Cardboard Baler in Action!

If you haven’t ever stepped foot in a warehouse, then a baler machine is probably something completely foreign to you. Balers are commonly used to compress several pieces of cardboard together in order to make the cubes easier to transport to a landfill or recycling plant. This step in the process saving valuable time and transportation fees for garbage and recycling companies, and it surprisingly ergonomical.

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In this video, we watch a big cube of cardboard get put through a baler machine, from start to finish.

As you can see, the flattened cardboard reaches all the way to the top of the machine once the process begins. By the time the process is finished, however, the cardboard accounts for nearly one third of the space it originally took up. The entire compacting process took less than 1 minute, with the majority of the work being in taking out the compressed material and loading it up again. Only a simple lift is needed to move the finished block. With machines like this making cardboard recycling quick and simple, we can take steps towards more eco-friendly packaging disposal.


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