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Things to Look for in an Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians are trained to work in a particular industry, repairing or installing electrical components. Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an industrial electrician entails? In a video titled “Day In The Life Of An Industrial Electrician-Beginning a New VFD Project” on the YouTube channel “Electrician Information Resource,” Dusten, an industrial electrician, discusses what an industrial electrician does on a typical day.

He demonstrates how to install a VFD into a disc stack unit.

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He requires a soft start VFD control in this case, as the motor inside cannot start across the line. A substantial amount of control wiring is required in this project to connect the bald to the DCS, the main computer.

For such a large project, the industrial electrician must design and lay out all of the control wirings. He also needed to go over the prints and connect them to the drawings. He also demonstrated the stack feed pump motor for the variable frequency drive (VFD) that controls what comes out of the tank farm.

A typical day as an industrial electrician entails controlling wiring and traveling to the installation site.

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