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How should you install a commercial storefront door?

In this video, TSSA discusses glass stop disruption using a glass stop cutout. Commercial storefront glass that uses this cutout has a jam, sill, glass panel, EPDM gasket, and snap-in glass stop. The snap-in glass stop snaps into the sill below it.

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To pop the glass stop out, you’ll need to push into it and it’ll either push outwards or come inwards. It’s been extruded to fit together. The EPDM gasket can be easily removed since it’s not set on all four corners of the system and then the glass panel can be removed. The glass panel can then be removed easily as well.

Normally, the system would be stabilized since it would be installed in an opening. With the system removed, it still takes a large amount of force to pop the glass stop off, but pressing down into it with body weight may make it easier. It can also be removed by hitting it with a screwdriver handle.

TSSA often sees avulsing of the glass stops when inspecting commercial storefront glass in the field, but it’s very difficult for that to occur and takes a lot of movement. It takes a large amount of force to snap the glass stop back into place, but once it’s in place the glass stop is very immovable.


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