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What Is a Drop Down Power Outlet?

Whether you’re operating a lab, a classroom, or a communal workspace, it’s important to consider drop down power outlets for your space. You might be wondering what a drop down power outlet is, and that’s okay.

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We’re here to explain what these power outlets do and why they’re so great. Let’s get started.

As far as explaining what a drop down outlet is, the name is pretty self-explanatory. A drop down outlet is an outlet that, quite literally, drops down from the ceiling. Some of these outlets run on tracks so that the cables and their outlets can be moved around the room. They’re an excellent addition to almost any college workspace or communal work area in your office.

There are also motorized drop down outlets to consider. If you don’t want people to reach up to grab a power outlet for their computer, then a motorized option may be beneficial for you. These outlets provide a bit of additional security for you because they can be retracted via a small remote or switch.

Regardless of what kind of workspace you’re operating, there’s no denying that a good drop down outlet or two could help you cultivate it even further.


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