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Charities That Help Drug Addicts Get Through Recovery

The toll drug abuse and addiction take on an individual’s life is staggering. It affects their physical and mental health, family, finances, friends, career, and family. With the increased rate of addiction among Americans, there is a need for intervention. Individuals and organizations are trying to find ways to curb this menace in the communities through charities. Afflicted individuals can now get help and guidance on how to get through recovery. Highlighted below are charities that help drug addicts within the community that you should know.


There is a need for people afflicted with addiction to have a voice in society. With the increasing rate of stigma and shame among addicts without a voice seeking help, rehab interventions have become harder. Most of these individuals get their voices heard with the help of charities that help drug addicts. When the community hears their voices, it also becomes easy to get help and proper guidance during the recovery process. Shatterproof is among the upfront charities that help afflicted addicts to have a voice in the community. It has created a platform where the addicts can come and openly express their health, social and financial concerns, making it possible to receive help.

Shatterproof creates awareness among Americans, making them understand the plight of people afflicted with addiction. It has also majored in fundraisers through programs aimed at helping drug addicts and those in the rehabilitation and recovery process. Through education and information, people can now understand the need to protect and care for drug addicts and help them recover. Shatterproof has also partnered with the legal and justice departments to provide afflicted addicts with legal services whenever they need them. They created an avenue where individuals can access the services of a criminal law attorney at affordable rates and handle their cases with ease.

Amy Winehouse Foundation

Amy Winehouse Foundation is among the charities that help drug addicts in society and guide them through recovery. The advent of this foundation was after the tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse, who died from alcohol poisoning in 2011. The family of the singer found it fit to start and name a foundation after their beloved one. The foundation aims to create awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and raise funds to help individuals afflicted with addiction get back in rehab facilities and the community. The foundation and its efforts target young people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse in the community.

Amy Winehouse Foundation engages in awareness and prevention programs designed for schools, youth organizations, and social gatherings such as churches. Through outreach efforts and music, the foundation can spread awareness among Americans, encouraging the afflicted to enroll and seek help from drug rehab centers. The foundation’s primary focus is drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation services for young people. There are always volunteer programs and openings for anyone interested in education and creating awareness of drug and alcohol prevention in the communities. Anyone is free to help and contribute to the foundation.

Phoenix House

Phoenix House is among the well-known charities that help drug addicts in the U.S. it is also one of the largest non-profit drug treatment and rehab centers that individuals struggling with addiction can consider. This foundation has several programs across nine states, making it possible for addicts and other people in the community to seek and access help. Apart from helping drug addicts get quality medical services, it also majors in education and awareness among the youth and people in the community. With the different programs aimed at helping different addicts, Phoenix House Foundation has an array of professionals the afflicted individuals can depend upon.

Phoenix House offers support and guidance for different demographics. The youth, addicted parents, school children, and military personnel are among the foundation’s targets. Its programs are deeply engraved in society, making them effective in providing needed help and support among Americans. This foundation also partners with the local addiction rehab facilities in the implementation of its programs. The local rehab facilities also get medical, foodstuffs and material support such as beds from the foundation.

The Herren Project

Overcoming addiction and restarting life is one of the major hindrances to recovering addicts. This was the case with NBA star Chris Herren who struggled with life-threatening heroin addiction in 2008. The situation worsened after losing his money and he lacked resources to get him through recovery. However, he regained sobriety through the help and support of friends, groups, and aftercare programs. This led to the founding of the Herren Project that aims at helping struggling drug addicts and answers the desperate calls from families with afflicted individuals. The Herren Project is now one of the charities that helps drug addicts regain their lives in the U.S.

The project’s goals are to help drug addicts and those on treatment and rehabilitation navigate the confusing world of recovery. This is through advocacy and referrals for better treatments and long-term care. It also aims at educating the youth and at-risk population in society about drug prevention and healthy living. The recovery process is long and overwhelming, but the afflicted can get help with care, education, and awareness. The Herren Project also provides scholarships that create avenues for young Americans to live healthily and have bright futures.

Natural High

After losing his two young brothers to drugs, Jon Sundt saw it fit to start advocacy campaigns to prevent young people from drug abuse. The Natural High organization started as a powerful tool to speak to the youth about drug abuse and its implications. With the partnership of drug-free celebrities, it became easier to openly talk to young people through the stories shared. Natural High is now a focal point where any young American can seek help and guidance on drug abuse prevention and handling the recovery process. Through Natural High programs, young people can now identify and pursue their ‘natural high’ and find it easier to turn away from using substances.

The programs aim at providing candid descriptions of the drugs and substances the youth abuse and in-depth discussions on their effects. To effectively handle the addiction problem, it is important for the afflicted to talk freely about the struggle and understand how best to solve it. The youth can now understand how weed, heroin, and other hard drugs can affect the body through Natural High programs. They also understand why it is important to seek help early and how to access the needed help. Natural High believes that through sharing stories of others and straight-talk, preventing drug abuse among the younger generation becomes possible.

Legal Action Center

The chances of a person understanding the influence of drugs engaging in criminal activities is much greater. It is the same case after their stay in rehab facilities and struggles to settle back in the community. Recovering addicts fight several battles back in the community. Apart from stigma, they have to deal with financial struggles and broken relationships that they find hard to mend. Without proper support, a recovering addict becomes vulnerable and susceptible to criminal activities and hectic legal proceedings. Legal Action Center is one of the non-profits that rescue recovering addicts when they face legal battles.

In most cases, the recovering addicts have the community against them, making legal battles overwhelming and hectic. However, through programs under the Legal Action Center, individuals can access legal help as they have people and professionals who understand their situations. Any person with a history of addiction can utilize the services of a criminal defense attorney who will advocate for and fight discrimination on their behalf. The programs under Legal Action Center also help lower the incarceration rate and punitive drug policies that affect people with an addiction history. Individuals get legal protection and guidance with the help of the available legal professionals.

To Write Love on Her Arms

While many organizations offer direct or indirect support to people struggling with addiction, To Write Love on Her Arms is one of the charities in the forefront to ensure they get direct care and attention. This is among the many charities that help drug addicts with a good reputation in the community. Apart from addiction, To Write Love on Her Arms helps people struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, and self-injury. The programs under this organization help provide information, encouragement, inspiration, and investments to the afflicted individuals, making it possible to concentrate on recovery.

To Write Love on Her Arms is among the organizations Americans can depend on to get help and guidance on drug abuse and suicide prevention. The organization also has professionals who provide specialized care, such as womens health, making it possible for individuals to address specific needs. There are also advocacy programs where people can share inspiring and success stories in their lives during and after addiction, providing positive impacts on other people in the community. Anyone can contribute to the organization and its programs as they are inclusive and accommodative.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is among the charities that help drug addicts Americans can depend on to get help and support as they recover. Unlike other organizations, the focus here is to help families struggling with drug and substance abuse. It also focuses on young people trying to find ways to cope with the lonely and long journey to recovery. There is goodwill from professionals who provide educational and advocacy services in the communities. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids utilizes media platforms to share information on the negative impacts of drug and substance abuse among children and offer support through addiction awareness and rehabilitation.

Today, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids puts its efforts into helping affected families by connecting them with experts and rehabilitation services where their children can get help through recovery. The organization also focuses on research and studies that can help address and handle the effects of addiction on children and their families. This charity is in partnership with the legal and justice departments, making legal help accessible to children in conflict with the law due to drug abuse and addiction. There are also volunteering opportunities for people willing to advocate for addiction prevention among children and fairer laws.

Faces and Voices of Recovery

When it comes to policies affecting recovering addicts, rarely are their voices heard. This is because they are absent or not in a position to raise their concerns. However, since the advent of Faces and Voices of Recovery in 2001, individuals afflicted with addiction or those in recovery in the U.S. have a platform to raise their voices and concerns. The platform is neutral, and there is no fear of intimidation or discrimination. Faces and Voices of Recovery are helpful to the afflicted addicts and their families. The focus of this organization is to promote understanding about drug abuse, addiction, and recovery. It also focuses on addressing public policy, delivery of rehab services, and making needed resources accessible.

Faces and Voices of Recovery are among the charities that help drug addicts in the U.S. and take their plight at heart. This charitable organization engages in numerous social, political, and personal programs with content and messaging on the need for support, such as bail for addicts in conflict with the law. They also submit personal stories for people to read and understand the relevance of proper care and attention during addiction recovery.

Oxford House

Oxford house is one of the charities that help drug addicts get through recovery by providing the needed resources to start and settle in the community. With the help and support from the organization, individuals can self-support and drastically run a drug-free life. Men, women, and children struggling with addiction in the U.S. can benefit from these programs, helping them get through recovery well and achieve sobriety fast. Oxford House is also crucial to Americans getting through recovery. It provides a low-cost, drug-free environment, making it possible for individuals to concentrate on rehabilitation. The organization provides sober living housing, enabling patients to avoid relapse, replace and transition easily into a healthy and productive lifestyle in the community.

With the increasing rate of drug abuse and addiction among Americans, finding ways to curb the menace and help the afflicted is now a priority. While personal effort and conviction are vital in recovery, people can still get help from charities that help drug addicts in different states. When you have information and guidance on the available and reputable charities in your location, getting help and support becomes easier.

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