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What Is Business Casual For Men?

As the YouTube channel “The Modest Man” points out, the term “business casual” has become the norm in corporate America. Gone are the days of wearing suits and uncomfortable clothing solely reserved for workdays. Now, there is a more relaxed vibe in terms of attire that lets business professionals wear khakis and even denim to the office. Where did business casual come from, though? Also, what are the best business casual clothes for men? Read on to find out!

Business casual attire has its origins in Hawaiian culture. “Aloha Fridays” originated as a way to sell more Hawaiian shirts to business professionals.

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Although initiated as a marketing tool, the campaign became a trend for men who were tired of wearing full suits to work. “Aloha Fridays” ultimately turned into “business casual” as men came to work wearing khakis and button-down shirts more often.

Today, business casual clothes for men are still khakis with a button-down shirt and dress shoes. Many men choose loafers or Derby shoes to go with their attire. Denim is also acceptable in the workplace, though it is best to pair these pants with a sweater for a more professional look. Wearing a blazer with khakis and a button-down shirt is always appropriate when giving a big presentation or hosting an executive meeting.

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