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What You Should Know About Walk-in Clinics

With the healthcare needs of people on the rise and with traditional primary care doctors struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for care, walk-in clinics are more popular than ever. But it is important to know if these clinics are the right choice for you or if a regular doctor of an ER visit is a better choice. In this YouTube video, several key points regarding walk-in clinics are addressed such as when to go, services offered, pros and cons, and personal considerations to keep in mind.

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The key point to remember is that this type of clinic is made for short-term, one-and-done, non-emergency service. Something chronic, multi- symptomatic, and highly urgent or potentially life-threatening needs to be taken to more advanced care providers. Cold and flu, minor cuts and burns, stomach issues, minor infections, and so forth can often be treated at walk-in clinics.

The important thing is to make the choice that is right for you and your family at that moment. Are there other health factors that may complicate treatment? What are the short-term and long-term care needs? Does the clinic take your insurance or offer a payment plan? What special services and treatments do they offer? These questions can help guide you to the best medical care option.

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