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Different Types of Olet Types Used in Piping Industries

Olets are fittings used in piping to provide an outlet for a bigger pipe to a smaller one or similar size. The main pipe is called run or header, where the branch connection is fixed. The common types of branch fittings are as follows.

Weldolet: These branch fittings come in a wide range of dimensions, and they have beveled ends on both ends. One side is fitted into the branch pipe while the other side is welded into the running pipe.

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Sockolet: This fitting is similar to a weldolet. The difference is that the branch pipe is joined with the run pipe via the sockolet.

Threadolet: These fittings are for low-pressure applications and smaller pipes. The branch pipe is screwed into this fitting and welded on the run pipe to fit it in.

Sweepolet: These are contoured, butt-weld fittings used for long fatigue and low-stress services. To inspect the welded connection, a plumber uses radiographic examinations or non-destructive tests.

Latrolets: These fittings come with butt welds or threaded connections. They branch a pipe at 45 degrees and come in 3000# or 6000# classes.

Nipolet: Nipolets are made with a threaded outlet or a socket weld-on side of the branch. They are commonly used for valve take-offs, vents, and drains.

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