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A Guide to Yearly AC Maintenance Service Checks

Well-made maintenance can prolong the utility life of your AC units for years to come. AC needs checks to see if they are working at their max. Although most people rely on an AC maintenance service to keep their units at their best, there are some tips you can follow to avoid calling one.

AC absorbs a large quantity of dust. If your living space isn’t clean, it will affect your units.

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Clean your surroundings and move everything in front of your AC, as it can compromise the airflow of the AC. Cleaning your AC filters is also crucial for their performance, as dirty filters won’t let the AC work properly.

AC Coils need monthly cleanup and checks, as outdoor elements affect how the AC works. When cleaning AC coils, pay attention to the AC fins’ condition. Replace the AC coils if needed, as they are crucial for the unit’s health.

Protect your AC from outdoor elements and weather, as they affect your unit’s function and can damage it if not careful. With these tips, you can keep your AC units in optimal condition.


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