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The Golf Cart Service Basics of Maintenance and Repair

Golf carts make it easy to move from point A to point B in a variety of different settings, e.g., theme parks, zoos, country clubs, and commercial properties. This video explains golf cart service procedures that will keep them running smoothly. Most of what is needed to maintain a golf cart is within the owner’s manual.

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It is recommended that the owner charges the batteries often, so the vehicle is powered when needed. If the golf cart has deep cycle batteries, check the battery’s water levels.

The lead plates atop the batteries should be fully submerged since not doing so will shorten the battery’s lifespan. Also, clean the battery connections to remove corrosion and dirt. For gas golf carts, check the oil every week and replace the oil filter every five to ten years. Just as in a regular car, check the tire’s condition and pressure regularly. Changes in the ride quality can alert owners to pressure problems or other issues. During the golf cart service, lubricate the vehicle’s joints, including the suspension pieces and steering wheel. Take your cart for a professional brake inspection annually, during which any other possible issues can be identified.

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