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Make the Most of Your Junk

We all unused or junk items lying around in storage. These items can accumulate to take up a lot of space over time. One solution is to call a cleanout company who will be more than happy to clean out your space for you. However, these unused items also provide plenty of potential if you get a little creative.

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In this video, you will learn how to reuse or repurpose these unused items.

The first item you may have lying around is an old bin. If you have a green thumb, these old bins can easily be turned into compost bins for your garden. The run off from this bin can also be used as fertilizer. Next, you could use old skincare or beauty product bottles as vases for your flowers. You can paint these and decorate these however you like. You may also have glass jars from food products. These jars can be reused to store left over food or soups. You could also use them for fermenting kimchi or pickles. If you paint, you could also these jars to store water or paint.


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