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Areas of Your Property You Should Remodel This Year

Maintaining a home in good shape is crucial, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for safety reasons. You can raise the value of your property by remodeling some of its areas. The choice of what to prioritize, though, might take time. Here are several sections of your home that you should consider upgrading this year and why.


Although frequently disregarded, a home’s basement can be a good location for extra storage or rental space. Ensure you waterproof your basement before starting any renovations. According to research by the American Society of Home Inspectors, over 60% of American houses have basement moisture problems. Are you among the statistics? A basement waterproofing company can assist you in keeping your basement dry and safe for you and your family by preventing water damage and mold growth.

Besides waterproofing, remodeling your basement can increase the value of your house significantly, in addition to it. PunchListUSA reports that finishing a basement in the US will repay between 70 and 75 percent of your investment. You can use a finished basement as extra living space, including a home cinema, game area, or guest suite.

Working with trustworthy residential remodeling companies to hire is critical if you are considering upgrading your basement. Choose a company that has a history of waterproofing and rebuilding basements. You can also examine online reviews or ask friends and relatives for recommendations. If you use a reputable remodeling company, they will renovate your basement makeover on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.


The roof is one of your home’s most important structural components that shield your property from the weather elements such as rain. Your roof may deteriorate with time, resulting in leaks, missing shingles, and other types of damage. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that most roofs be examined at least twice a year, in the spring and fall. When you notice an issue with your roof, you should do repairs or replacement immediately-the roof can’t wait. Taking care of any damage you spot immediately is crucial to preventing expensive repairs.

It’s essential to work with residential remodeling companies to hire while repairing or replacing your roof. Whether using tile, metal, or asphalt as your roofing material, find a competent company. Reputable roofing companies will also provide a thorough estimate, finish the work on time, and ensure your roof complies with building rules and safety regulations.
In addition to repairs, a new roof can increase your property value. HomeAdvisor says installing a new roof costs about $7,200, and the cost recovery is $8,150 (109%). Sounds good, right? However, you must work with a certified and insured residential renovation firm to guarantee that your roof replacement is properly done and satisfactory without worrying about shoddy work.


Siding protects your home from the weather and enhances its curb appeal. Damaged or outdated house siding can lower the value of your home and require costly repairs. A National Association of Realtors survey found that replacing vinyl siding has more than 80% ROI.

There are additional ways to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home besides siding replacement. For instance, placing trim around windows and doors can enhance the appearance and value of your home. Maintaining your siding also means cleaning it frequently and fixing any damage immediately. If you require assistance with siding maintenance, consider leveraging residential remodeling companies to hire that provide routine maintenance services.

Aside from that, consider investing in insulated siding to improve energy efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling expenses. Insulated siding can help you use less energy and have less carbon footprint. Opt for a stronger material. For instance, fiber cement siding is incredibly strong and resistant to pests and environmental harm. Additionally, it is fire-resistant and needs little upkeep.


Every home needs a kitchen, and remodeling your kitchen can significantly increase the value of your house. Imagine a beaten kitchen with worn-out cabinets and a chipped floor. It would appeal to visitors and your family wouldn’t fancy gathering or sharing a meal in such a place. Here are some essential kitchen sections that you should think about upgrading this year:


Updating your cabinets may significantly improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. However, you will need skilled kitchen remodel contractors since installing cabinets is complex. A licensed and insured contractor install cabinets safely and securely. Storage will be the least of your worries after the renovation.


Proper lighting is essential for any kitchen renovation. Adding pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen can make it feel cozy and welcoming. A qualified kitchen remodeling contractor can assist you in selecting and accurately installing the ideal lighting fixtures for the space.


The bathroom is perhaps the only place you have a private moment to rewind and freshen up. A bathroom redesign can turn your home into a tranquil haven and increase the value of your home. You can design the bathroom of your dreams by replacing the tile, updating the fixtures, or installing a new bathtub or shower.

Granite Countertops

Another frequent feature of kitchen remodeling is the granite counter installation. Granite is a tough and fashionable material that can increase the value and appeal of your kitchen. In fact, the majority of potential house buyers placed the highest preference on granite countertops, according to Builder Magazine.


Kitchens are not complete without appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Consider upgrading your appliances if they are outdated or old with newer models. Appliances that use less energy save on power costs and increase the value of your house. Additionally, smart appliances are becoming more common and may modernize your kitchen and simplify your life.


Any homeowner can find a bathroom remodel to be an enjoyable job. But to get the best possible results, contacting skilled bathroom remodeling contractors is crucial. A professional contractor can help you select the right materials, fixtures, and layout for your bathroom remodel. With their knowledge, you can get your space’s desired style and usefulness while avoiding expensive blunders. In fact, homeowners who renovated their bathrooms got an average ROI of 64%, according to a National Association of Realtors poll. This means that if you spend $10,000 remodeling your bathroom, you can anticipate a rise in the value of your home of about $6,400.

The shower is one place homeowners should consider while upgrading their bathrooms. Your bathroom can become more functional and opulent by upgrading your shower. By letting more natural light in and expanding the feeling of space in your bathroom, a frameless glass shower enclosure can help. A rainfall showerhead can also provide a spa-like experience, which can help you feel more refreshed and calm.

Lighting is another factor to take into account while upgrading your bathroom. How well-lit your bathroom is can greatly impact how it appears and feels. Your bathroom’s lighting has the power to improve the ambiance of your room. You can better see yourself while shaving or doing cosmetics if you install task lighting around the vanity. It is possible to create a soothing and calm atmosphere by adding ambient lighting, like wall sconces or dimmer switches.

Living Room

Since the living room often serves as the focal point of a house, it is important to consider it while planning a redesign. The color scheme is one of the most important aspects to consider while redesigning a living room. You can improve the look and feel of your area by choosing the perfect colors with the assistance of a local home painter. In a Zillow survey, houses with living rooms that were light blue or pale blue-gray sold for about $2000 more than houses with other hues. Homes with a navy blue or slate gray living room sell for $1,500 more.

The flooring is another crucial factor to consider when redesigning a living room. If you replace the outdated carpet with hardwood flooring, your living area can look more modern and upscale. Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for high-traffic areas like the living room because it is long-lasting and simple to maintain. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that 54% of prospective buyers are willing to spend more for a house with hardwood floors. Other elements to consider while remodeling your living room include:

  1. Lighting: Lighting may significantly affect a room’s atmosphere. Your living area can look and feel better by installing new lighting or replacing old ones. Including dimmer switches also provides you with greater lighting level options.
  2. Furniture: The correct furniture helps you design a comfortable and welcoming living space. When choosing furniture, consider your room’s dimensions and configuration. Long term, purchasing high-quality furniture can increase the value of your house.
  3. Window treatments: Window treatments can provide a beautiful element to your living space and offer seclusion and light control. To improve the appearance of your area, you have a variety of alternatives, including curtains, blinds, or shades.

Considering these factors can help you construct a living room renovation that looks wonderful and increases your home’s value.


Any home can benefit from having a patio since it offers a place to host guests, relax, and eat outdoors. However, hiring local patio builders is crucial when upgrading a patio to get the finest results. They can assist you in creating a patio that suits your demands and is within your price range.

Outdoor lighting is another thing to take into account while redesigning a patio. Your patio becomes more inviting and safe with outdoor lighting, enabling you to use it at night. Incorporating landscape lighting to accent trees or garden elements makes your outdoor space feel more beautiful. Outdoor lighting is one of the top three amenities homeowners want for their outdoor living spaces, according to a poll by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Adding stair or path lights can also increase security and reduce tripping hazards.

Choosing the appropriate furnishings for your patio is just as important as lighting. In addition to being cozy and attractive, your furniture should be able to withstand outdoor elements. Consider investing in furniture made of solid and weatherproof materials like teak, wrought iron, or aluminum. With the proper furnishings, your patio might feel like an outdoor room of your house, which can motivate you to spend more time outdoors.


Any property must have a lawn since it offers a place to relax, garden, and engage in other outdoor activities. A beautiful and healthy lawn can be challenging to maintain. However, hiring professional landscaping services can keep your lawn in good shape. According to 79% of Americans who responded to a National Association of Landscape Professionals survey, a well-kept lawn can increase a property’s value.

Tree removal is another factor to take into account when landscaping your lawn. Trees can offer shade, aesthetic appeal, and ecological advantages but can also endanger safety and damage property. You can increase safety and safeguard your property by removing dead, unhealthy, or dangerous trees. According to Architectural Digest, a tree removal company will typically charge you $400 to $800 for tree pruning. However, prices can vary depending on the size and location of the tree, among other things.

Additionally, consider lawn irrigation. A well-designed irrigation system can conserve water, lower water costs, and maintain a healthy, lush lawn. Design and install an irrigation system that fulfills the requirements of your grass and saves water with the help of a professional landscaping company. You can also save even more water and money by installing a rain sensor, which will stop your irrigation system from watering your grass when it rains.

Home improvement renovations can improve your home’s appearance and feel while increasing its value. You can make your house into a place that suits your needs and lifestyle by remodeling the basement, roof, siding, kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio, and yard. Collaborating with knowledgeable residential remodeling companies to hire is necessary to get the best results. You may build your ideal house, one that you and your loved ones will enjoy for many years, by considering these remodeling ideas and working with the best contractors. Don’t put off starting your home improvement project any longer!

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