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Benefits of High School Students Having Their Own Personal Tablets

In this YouTube video, NUITEQ talks about the benefits of high school students having personal tablets in the classroom. Personal tablets offer many benefits to both teachers and students.

Students tend to learn better when they are interested in something and feel like the session has elements of fun in it.

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Teachers can craft interactive content for the students and then share that content and lesson plans with other teachers. Teachers can grab these lesson plans and then deploy them to their classrooms at a much faster speed compared to traditional classroom preparation methods.

Students can use the tablets with a pointer or using their fingers for use of a drag and drop action. This additional action links learning elements in the brain as more than one body part is active in the learning process. The combination of this interactive behavior between students and tablets can help the lessons stick.

Bringing technology into the classroom can feel scary for many teachers. Very little training is involved in helping teachers integrate personal tablets into the school, and teachers are happier to see their jobs easier.

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