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Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring an Injury Attorney

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, be sure to ask them these important questions so you know you are working with the best injury attorney for your specific case.

An attorney has to have a license in the state where your accident happened, or they are not legally allowed to represent you. If they are licensed, ask who you will be dealing with, a case manager or the attorney themself.

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Typically, an attorney will know how to handle situations better than a paralegal. Ask what the typical wait time is between communications to set realistic expectations.

It is not rude for you to inquire about your potential lawyer’s background. Knowing how long they have been practicing, what they specify in, and even their success rate, are all very important factors. You may want copies of everything that is documented on your case including emails and faxes. This helps you stay in the loop and understand what is going on in your case. Knowing what fees you will be charged is important. You may be charged for long-distance phone calls or even paper used, but most often you will be charged a flat rate ahead of time.

In the event of a lawsuit, you will need to know if your attorney will sue and if they will inform you and get your consent before proceeding with a lawsuit. Asking all of these questions can help you choose the right injury attorney for your needs!


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