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Material That Custom Deck Builders Should Always Use

Whether you are someone looking to build their own dock, or you run a company of custom dock builders, you should know that what materials you use can make or break your project. Specifically, the type of wood you choose to work with is crucial to constructing a successful and durable dock.

Due to proximity to the water, docks are constantly exposed to the elements. Between the harsh hammering of the waves, and the moisture from the water, you need to do whatever possible to reduce the build-up of mold, mildew, and decay.

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Pressure-treated pine is cheaper than other options and should last you a good twenty years as long as you maintain the pine with frequent sealing. Cedar has natural rot resistance as well if you keep up with a sealer applied every year. Composite decking advertises its products as not needing regular maintenance, but this isn’t necessarily true.

A great choice for custom dock builders would be hardwood. Some hardwood species are naturally resistant to mildew and wood-boring insects. They hold up for years without burning your feet when you walk on them and using short-length boards is a good way to save money while keeping a professional look. If you want to hear more about your options, follow along with this Youtube video!


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