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Who Needs to Take an MSHA Training Course

If you’re employed as a miner, you’ll need to adhere to much stricter safety regulations than people in other lines of work. A typical office job may not come with any serious safety risks, but working in a mine can be extremely dangerous if a person doesn’t take strict safety precautions. The Mine Safety & Health Administration or MSHA training course is designed to ensure that miners follow the correct procedures to stay safe on the job.

Anyone who is considered to be a miner needs to take an MSHA training course. For the purposes of MSHA training, a miner is any operator or supervisor at a mine site who is involved in mining activities.

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This also includes independent mining contractors and their employees, as well as construction workers who spend a large amount of time working at a mine. You do not need to take an MSHA training course if you are a scientific worker, delivery worker, customer, truck driver, vendor, or visitor at a mine.

If you qualify as a miner according to the above definition, it’s extremely important that you undergo MSHA training. Without proper training, you are at a severe risk of injury or death at a mine site.


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