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How to Figure Out Which Tent to Get for Your Next Event

Businesses often rent tents to assist with special events. Here’s a breakdown to help business owners decide which option is best when renting a tent.
20×30 Marquee Tent
The Marquee tent is one of the most popular choices on the market.

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Many businesses rent these tents to host different dinners and outdoor concerts. There’s a big pole in the center that stabilizes things. The Marquee tent is compatible with large strips of lighting. This tent is relatively easy to install.
Tent Clips
Some business owners opt for clips when renting a tent. The clips allow people to remove and install drapes as necessary depending on the venue. These tents fill a niche during hot summer days when things are more open, as well as colder days when the drapes help deflect cold air.
Small Tents
Hosts may opt for something smaller when renting a tent if the event only hosts a few people. Smaller tents leave room for a couple of tables and chairs. These tents often include adjustable flaps depending on the areas that are nailed down.
Choosing the right tent enhances special events.

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