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Turning an Old PC Into a New Minecraft Server

Watch this video to learn how you can turn your old PC into a new minecraft server. Your old PC can do more than just staying in the garbage dump because servers are just computers. You can actually turn that old discarded machine at a small cost or absolutely free.
Factory rest the pc then set up the OS. Install upgraded windows if you have a PC that is already running on window.

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While at it, disable automatic updates to improve the machine performance and avoid overworking the already tired machine with a lot of stuff. Set up the server. To do this find a remote server media management application and like Plex Media Server and a remote system management software like Pulseway. This will enable you to use the old PC without any unwanted connections like an extra keyboard or mouse while saving you space at the same time. Install and configure Plex and Pulseway. Pulseway enables you to access the PC server network from any browser. Add a local share on your network and give access to the people you want on the local network. Set the network to private because it will not work. On the other hand, you can use Linux and you are home. You can add more RDPs as you wish and your old PC will still serve you. That is how you recycle an old PC into a minecraft server hosting services powerhouse.

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