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The Advantages of Sealcoating

There are numerous advantages of sealcoating the pavement or driveway, as seen in this video. Proper and timely sealcoating applications are cost-effective, easy, and less disruptive for protecting the driveway or pavement. This application helps prevent water penetration under the asphalt driveway surface.

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Since nearly every sealer comprises aggregate, sealcoating occupies the hairline cracks, which are initial signs of asphalt wear and tear.

Oxidation is the damage to the asphalt binder due to exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and air. Oxidation is not preventable, but installing sealcoating can slow down the process. Oxidation makes the pavement brittle and susceptible to cracks. Applying sealer onto the pavement surface adds more protection to the asphalt binder, protecting it from the elements.

Applying the sealer every two years prolongs the lifespan of the pavement. Asphalt is petroleum-based. As a result, petroleum-based liquids that leak on it bond with the binder, softening the asphalt. That process exposes the pavement to more damage. Sealcoating helps protect the pavement from these types of leaks. Suppose the pavement has black oil spots. Homeowners should repair them before applying sealcoating. If the oil spots are not adequately repaired, the sealer will have minimal effect on the areas, and the damage will continue spreading.


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