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How to Know When its Time for AC Replacement

AC systems are designed to last 10-25 years. However, an AC system may sometimes need to be replaced. In this video, an AC technician talks about when an HVAC system should be replaced, highlighting the views and recommendations of various manufacturers. People should ask themselves two important questions to know when to consider air conditioning repairs.
First, is the AC or furnace working fine? If the unit is functioning well, then there is no need to replace it.

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The owner should continue getting service from it as much as possible. Furthermore, old units are known to be more durable and long-lasting. It is not until the system breaks down or starts wearing out that they should consider air conditioning repairs or replacement.

If the unit is fixable, the owner should get it repaired. However, if the cost of repair is more than half the unit cost, it may not be logical to repair. If the bill is outrageous, it may be advisable to get quotes from different technicians to see if one can replace the unit at a lower price. But, if still high, one should consider replacing the old unit with a new functional one.

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