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The Important Parts of Roofing

This video will show you the critical parts of a roofing system. Roofing is one of the essential parts of a building’s makeup. A roofing system is an interdependent set of components that work together to enhance a building’s overall functionality. These components, which include insulation, ventilation, decking, covering, framing, and weatherproofing, determine the durability of the entire building.

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How do the components of a roofing system work? One of the components of a properly designed roofing system is a waterproof leak barrier that protects the exposed areas of your roof from water damage. These exposed areas include eaves, valleys, chimneys, and plumbing vents. Your roof should also have an underlayment to protect your wood decking from exposure to wind-driven rain and moisture.

Having a metal drip edge is also crucial to the functionality of your roof. This component provides a beautiful finish to your rooftop while preventing water from damaging its edges. You should also install starter strips on your eaves to provide your roof with the stability required against strong winds. Ventilating your roof using ridge and soffit vents is also essential in keeping out damaging moisture from your attic.


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