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The Patio Paving Process

Patio paving is one of the more popular outdoor renovations. A nice patio can add a lot of curb appeal to the home. The patio paving process is complicated and there are a lot of steps.

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In this article, we are going to review some of the steps in the process.

The first part of the process is the planning. Before you can start any installation you will need to figure out what specific materials you will be using, and where everything will go. It’s best to go outside and mark on the ground where you are instead to make the installation.

After you are finished planning, you will need to dig out some of the earth. Dig a couple of inches down and make sure that you are removing large rocks. The purpose of this is to make the ground flat. You may need to use a compactor for this step.

Once you have finished compacting the ground you will lay gravel. This gravel will need to be compacted and when you finish, the base is complete.

In the final parts of the process you will need to find paving sand. This sand will act as the final layer of the base. On top of the sand, you will place your paving bricks.


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