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Everything to Know About Aging Whiskey in a Small barrel

In this video, you will learn about why do small oak barrels age liquor faster. A tiny barrel is going to be about a 1-3 day process. Some of the rings are a little loose. You need to cure it on the inside.

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You should make a note about where you want to store it so that it does not leak all over. You can use a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. The first step is to take your spicket and there is a hole. You want to put it in the hole as hard as you can without using a tool. YOu just want a seal there. As the barrel gets wet and swells a little bit, it will become easier. Barrels also come with a cork. The next step is to fill the barrel with hot water. Get it completely filled with super hot water. It is going to leak a little bit. Check on it every 20 minutes or so and adust the rings as tight as they can go. During shipping, some of the rings might get loosened. Keep watching this video for even more information.

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