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How to Smoke a Cigar

In the video on this page, the reporter detailed the steps for properly preparing and enjoying a cigar. He emphasized the initial cut, recommending about a centimeter or two and a half centimeters away from the cigar’s end, maintaining the wrapper intact. If without a cigar clipper, he suggested using a knife. After the cut, he advised using a torch lighter or match to singe the uncut end for a few seconds without direct contact to avoid affecting the cigar’s flavor.

Continuing, the reporter’s next step was to light the cigar, initially burning the tip slightly before placing it in the mouth.

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Next, gently puff on the other end while keeping the lit end away from the mouth. Once properly lit, he highlighted the smoking technique, drawing the smoke into the mouth, holding it momentarily, and exhaling without actually inhaling the smoke.

Furthermore, he mentioned a crucial point about removing the cigar’s wrapper as the lit end nears the label, discarding it when it reaches just below where the wrapper used to be. This step ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience without altering the flavor towards the end. The reporter’s instructions, spanning from cutting the cigar to the proper smoking technique and the disposal process, offered a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts or beginners seeking a refined cigar experience from cigar manufacturers.

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