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How to Use Your Straps for Hammock

Hammocks are great for hanging around in your backyard or when camping and are an alternative to using a tent. Hammocks used by backpackers can weigh less than two pounds for the hammock and accompanying straps. They eliminate the need for a tent and a bed roll or pad, reducing the weight and bulk carried into the woods.

There are many different straps for hammock enthusiasts on the market and various methods for using them. One of the straps for hammock fans is called a daisy chain.

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The strap has a large loop on one end with a daisy chain of loops extending the remaining length of the straps Wrap the strap around a tree, pull the strap through the looped end, and repeat the process with a second strap and tree. Then, connect the carabiner on either end of the hammock through a daisy-chain loop on each strap so the straps hang at a 30-degree angle.

You can use the hammock to relax or sleep. If your hammock substitutes for a tent, bring a tarp for protection from the elements and a sleeping bag rated for winter or summer conditions. There are lighter straps than daisy chain straps that are more complex to use, so the tradeoff depends on your experience and where you plan to camp.

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