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A Look Inside a Funeral Home

COVID-19’s impact goes beyond health alone, a lot of businesses have been affected by it as well as traditions. Deaths have been rampant ever since the pandemic struck the world, and the influx of people coming to funeral homes has been quite overwhelming. Funeral traditions have also been changed to conform with the very strict health and safety protocols being mandated.

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Here are some funeral traditions that affected:

1. The Number of People: During a pandemic, it is highly recommended that the funeral homes can only allow 1 to 3 people each time to view the deceased. Attendees of the funeral should also comply with the health and safety protocols that are currently being mandated by the city or state.

2. Cemetery and Funeral Visitation: Depending on the cemetery, it is only allowed one person at a time to view the departed during the burial ceremony. Instead of viewing your deceased physically, some governing bodies have made alternatives in view the dead such as virtual funeral or viewing.

3. Delayed Burials: The influx of dead people coming through funeral homes has made it hard to accommodate them, leaving families with no choice but delay the burial.


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