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How to Produce Your Own Organic Compost

This article talks about the comparison of aerobic and anaerobic decomposition in the organic compost process. Though both the aerobic and anaerobic grow and reproduce microorganisms, it still requires oxygen in order to survive. Here are the things to know.

1. Using of Dirt Booster

This product is corn concentrated that is very dry and flaky – that’s why it’s fast to digest.

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It also contains molasses particles, as well as humature; humic acid, and biochar.

2. Understanding Aerobic

Aerobic really uses water, oxygen, and a good temperature to produce bacteria and fungi that really heats up even at 120 or 130 degrees.

With that, pathogens and bacteria are less likely to survive in that kind of environment. That’s why you should get a pile of organic compost with high carbon, organic matter, and a good source of bacteria. And when it’s done, the content in the pile can be mixed into the garden soil.

3. Understanding Anaerobic

Anaerobic decomposition is basically when there is no oxygen, only a pile that sits and rots that does not get warm and turns out to be dark. In other words, Anaerobic compost usually has bad material. It’s a slow decomposing process and it’s something you don’t want to put in your garden.

4. Making a Compost Pile

It’s just a pile of grass clippings and leaves, that normally cool down in the winter.


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