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What Happens at a Crematorium?

The use of crematoriums have made the process of disposing of bodies very easy. This may be a topic that we wish to avoid, but how does a crematorium work? In this article, we are going to take a look at the process.

The first part of the crematorium process involves making sure that the body is removed of any devices such as hearing aids or pacemakers. The body is going to be subjected to extreme heat and having devices like that go through the process could cause them to explode.

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After the bodies are prepared they are put in coffins that will go through the crematorium. The crematorium itself is similar to an oven and is capable of withstanding the necessary high temperatures.

The coffin with the body inside is put into the crematorium and will catch on fire once inside. When the chamber is sealed the body will burn to leave the ashes in the end. These ashes are then gathered and given to the family member to either hold on to or release where ever they please.

Overall, for people to receive the remains of a loved one in the form of ashes, the body must go through a crematorium.


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