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Simple Ways to Troubleshoot Truck and Trailer Alignments

Most truck drivers agree that hooking their trucks to trailers is no mean feat. Loading cargo to the truck bed is easy, but hauling it on a unit separate from the truck can be difficult at first. Apart from getting the proper trailer, truck owners need to know how to align their truck to the trailer and connect them properly; else, they can lose their cargo on the road. Therefore, how can truck owners establish truck and trailer alignments?

According to the video, truck owners can use a towing alignment kit to align their trucks to trailers. The towing alignment kit used in the video features two metal devices with balls on the top.

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The narrator says one of the alignment kit’s devices should be placed on the back of the truck, and the other should be placed on the trailer’s hitch.

The truck owner should then back up slowly while checking their mirrors to see if the balls on the devices align. If aligned, the truck owner can connect the trailer’s hitch to the truck; if not, they should repeat the process until the balls align.

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