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Common Central Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning has become an essential utility in many households today. It provides a system that improves comfort and protects your family against the elements. Air conditioners, like most equipment, have a lifespan. They begin to malfunction when after about 10-15 years. Homeowners should regularly assess how their AC functions and how to identify any changes in performance.

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Several air conditioning problems are solved without replacing the entire unit. This video summarizes some common air conditioning repairs and how to troubleshoot your system.

You may not need a professional repair service with the right help. An air conditioner has a few constituent parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Skilled homeowners can solve these issues with household tools. Some of the problems you may have noticed include your AC not turning on. It may be a tripped circuit or loose wiring. Another common problem is the lack of cool air. Issues such as constant hot air or strange odors are also common. The best practice is to call in an expert to evaluate the problem.

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