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Local Moms Ask Questions About Biotech Peptides

Do you understand the difference between genetically-modified plants and non-genetically modified foods? If you don’t, you are not alone. In this video, moms ask questions about biotech peptides. And the farmers who grow GMO crops answer them.

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The women in this video approach this topic with an open mind. They genuinely want to learn more about genetically-modified organisms. It is not possible to list and explain the various biotech peptides that farmers use. However, a couple of them are mentioned in the video, and they represent the two general approaches to growing GMO crops.

The first thing to understand is that GMO crops are perfectly safe. Everything in them is a naturally occurring substance. Some farmers use peptides that help their crops resist crop-killing pests. They use crops with Bt, which is a naturally occurring bacterium present in soils throughout the world. Biotech firms are able to insert this bacterium into crops so that they are more resistant to pests. The other approach is to use GMO products that are resistant to herbicides that kill insects and weeds, but not crops. The GMO crops that a farmer uses will depend on their circumstances, training, and preferences. Now you know all about biotech peptides.


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