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Learn the Basics of Bail

The following video covers the basics of bail and the role of a bail bonding service. Following an arrest, the defendant must either have the required bail money on hand or wait in detention until their trial date. Either the defendant can have another person manage the bail matter on their behalf, or they can utilize a bail bond service to handle both the legal and financial aspects of the situation.

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A declared sum of money known as bail serves as a sort of insurance between both the court and the convicted offender. In most cases, bail posing is in two ways: the defendant or someone else on their behalf can pay the whole amount of the bail or cash bond. Any court costs, fees, fines, or additional criminal penalties are deducted from the refund if the same defendant continues to appear in court for all of their scheduled hearings.

A bail bond service will accept a specified charge from the defendant in exchange for providing the courts with the full amount of the bond. The fee is often a tiny portion of the full amount of the bail. No more fees are due as long as the defendant keeps showing up to court sessions.

The court will retain the whole amount of the bail payment made by the defendant if they post bail but do not show up for court. The bail bond agency has the right to track down a defendant they represent and hand them over to the court if they neglect to appear in court as scheduled.

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