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Everything You Need to Know Before Considering Radon Gas Inspections

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is colorless and odorless. It’s found in the soil, water, air, and food. It can be released into your home from building materials such as concrete or bricks. Radon has been linked with lung cancer. If you have any concerns about radon levels in your home, contact your local council for radon gas inspections, and they will be able to advise you further. The main cause of radon exposure is the inhalation of radon-containing dust and gases.

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These are usually produced by uranium ores and rocks containing radioactive elements like thorium and radium.

When these minerals are heated, they release their radioactive content into the surrounding environment. Radon enters buildings via cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings. This may occur during construction work or after an earthquake. It also gets into homes through pipes, drains, and ventilation systems. Luckily, there are several measures that can help reduce the risk of radon entering your home. The best way to determine whether you’re at risk of radon poisoning is to get your house tested. The government provides free testing kits for people who want to check their radon levels. The kit will measure the amount of radon in your home. If your results show that you could be exposed to dangerous radon levels, then you should consider having your home remediated.

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