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How to Make Your Own Minecraft Server

Do you want to start hosting your own Minecraft dedicated server? This video will walk you through the process of setting up your own Minecraft dedicated server. Learn the step-by-step process of setting up a server that could possibly earn you money.

The process is a lot easier than you think it is.

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This video will talk you through setting up the folder, where to go to find your service, and how to download the server jar. It’s so easy to do, and the presenter provides tips and tricks and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

You will learn why you should ignore some of the warnings you will get during the download process and why you are getting those warnings. This is an easy-to-follow tutorial that even a novice can follow.

Learn about the things you need to look out for and the critical steps that will have you launching your server quickly. The beauty of using this video is that you can go back as many times as you need to ensure that you follow every step exactly as described. Watch now and get your server up and running quickly.

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