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What Are Ignatius of Loyola Spiritual Exercises?

It is common knowledge that we require exercise to sustain our physical health. The spiritual exercises of ignatius of loyola is a collection of meditations, contemplative practices, and prayers to help people strengthen their connection with God. For years, the exercises were most commonly administered as a “long retreat” of approximately 30 days in silence and solitude.

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In past years, there has been a resurgence of interest in spiritual activities. A “retreat in daily life,” which consists of a months-long plan of daily prayer and discussions with a spiritual advisor, is now the most popular way to go through the activities. Exercises have also been modified in various ways to meet modern people’s requirements.

The exercises, according to Ignatius, have as their goal the conquest of self and the legislation of one’s life in such a manner that no choice is made under the influences of any excessive attachment. These exercises are done with the assistance of a knowledgeable spiritual director who could help them define the retreat and fully comprehend what they were going through. The book of Spiritual Exercises is a guidebook for retreat directors, not retreat participants.

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