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Why Should You Send Your Child to a Montessori Kindergarten?

On the Guidepost Montessori YouTube channel, in a video called “What Are the Benefits of a Montessori Education”, an executive program developer and a mother discuss the school system. She has had two children in the Montessori program since the age of two. The benefits of the educational materials used to teach children in preschool and Montessori kindergarten teach children at the perceptional level and moves to concrete application. This allows the child to learn the subject well.

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The learning materials teach a child how to recognize and correct their mistakes without needing the teacher. This applies to reading, math, grammar, and other subjects. Montessori kindergarten materials teach music, art, science, and mathematics. The children stay with the same teacher and often are in classes of different ages. This allows children to learn from older and younger students in a comfortable way. Students develop in different ways and this teaching method allows for this factor.

Montessori schools allow children to learn interpersonal and social skills as well. They are challenged to learn more complex tasks and subjects as they progress. The school provides students with more hands-on material and individual attention suited to their needs.

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