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How Fire Suppression Systems Are Designed

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Fire suppression systems are an important feature in businesses and homes, alike. They’re particularly necessary for industries where the risk of fire is heightened by the materials and processes used. This video shows how a fire suppression system is installed and works in the event of an emergency.

The fire suppression system uses condensed aerosol technology. Stainless steel canisters house fire-retardant chemicals that can extinguish flames in an instant. There are no harmful effects and the canisters are non-pressurized so there is a very low risk that they will harm or injure anyone.

They are wired to a central control panel and installed in positions around a room. In server rooms, additional canisters will be installed within the lockers that hold the servers themselves. This provides a thorough fire suppression net.

Pipes are also installed in the room and connect to a smoke detector. These pipes intake air constantly and the detector is sensitive, so you will be notified at the first instance of a fire. The smoke detector is also linked to a fire alarm system to give audible and visual warnings.

For more information on fire suppression systems and how they work, check out the video in the link above.

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