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Why Would I Need a Crank Regrinding Service?

A crankshaft grinding is mandatory for the state of the engine, as it is one crucial process that it’s often overlooked, even by professionals. Moreover, it’s time to explain why a crank regrind is mandatory for a complete engine rebuild and why you might need one.

What does a crankshaft grinding do?

As the name implies, a crankshaft grinding service works by taking a small part of a rod and putting it to the OEM spec.

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The whole procedure needs extreme caution and attention, as it is a complicated process that requires a professional.

Why you might need a crankshaft grinding service

Crankshaft failures are more common than you might think, as a defective oil or the lack of it can be enough to produce a crank malfunction. Moreover, other recurrent causes are faulty lubrication service, improper car balance, improper grinding, and others.

A crankshaft grinding service is mandatory for keeping the function and health of a car in top conditions. Moreover, it is better to leave this process to professionals that know what they are doing. For more information about how a crankshaft grinding service goes, please watch out the following video.

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