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How Does Your Air Conditioner Work So Well?

An air conditioner is used to regulate the temperature of a room. It can regulate high and low temperatures making staying in a room comfortable. An air conditioner consists of four main parts; the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. All these parts are what make an air conditioner work so well. AC services are ideal in places that experience extreme cold and heat.

The condenser and the evaporator are used for heat exchanges and are located outside and inside, respectively.

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They both have pipework, allowing the refrigerant to circulate during temperature regulation. The refrigerant enters the evaporator under low temperatures and in liquid form. The refrigerant moves inside the pipe, while the valve moves hot air outside the refrigerator, which gets cooled and released into the room. The room then cools. The compressor then sucks the gas refrigerant leaving the evaporator, compresses it, and directs it to the condenser. The valve passes cool air on the condenser, cooling the refrigerant. The refrigerant liquefies at low temperatures and exits the condenser into the expansion valve, and the process repeats itself.

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