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Do You Know Whats in Your Home Plumbing?

All water use in homes involves using the home’s plumbing system. A home’s plumbing system constitutes waste drains, waste vents, portable water, and rainwater management. Most homes are equipped with ABC, PVC, and C-I pipes, directly connected to a home’s fixtures, including showers, toilets, and sinks. The waste from the fixtures goes down the drain through the sewer line hookup connecting to the municipal drain. The pipe connections have cleanouts, which give access to the pipes for clean-up whenever there is a blockage.

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The homes that do not connect to municipal pipes for waste disposal connect to the septic tanks through sewer line hookups. A proper waste vent is necessary for the adequate functioning of a home’s plumbing and municipal’s piping system. The vents equalize the pressure in the drain pipes, ensuring the drains work well.

People utilize wells to access water in the absence of municipal water. Rainwater and sewage management are separated to ease water management. Municipalities pump water, treat it, and then circulate that water to residential homes where the cycle repeats itself.

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