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Singapores Waste Removal Solution

There are over 2 billion tons of solid trash generated every year. A third of this waste is burned or dumped instead of properly being disposed. For most business in the United States, industrial waste removal service providers are an excellent choice, However, Singapore is densely populated and can’t keep up with the demand. In this video, you will learn about their brilliant solution.

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The traditional process involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste. While most countries can use landfills for disposal, Singapore does not have the available land for this. In fact, they only have one landfill in the whole country. So what is their solution? The use a combination of incineration and treatment. The waste is incinerated which reduced waste volume by about 90%. During this process, metal is separated to be recycled and pollutants are treated and released harmlessly back into the atmosphere. Further, water creates high-pressure steam which is then used to turn turbines to create electricity. This generates 2-3% of the countries’ electricity. This has allowed Singapore to solve multiple issues at once. There is much to be learned with Singapore’s success.


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