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What to Know About Using Concrete Acid Flooring

In the video above, the reporter discusses the process of using concrete acid stain, emphasizing that it is not akin to traditional paint. Concrete stain works by penetrating the concrete’s pores and chemically reacting with the cement, minerals, and lumps present in the concrete. The unique beauty of acid stains lies in the fact that each piece of concrete will color differently based on its existing composition. One color of acid stain can result in varied shades when applied to different slabs.

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Before applying acid stain, the reporter advises conducting a test in an inconspicuous area to ensure proper reaction and achieve the desired color. Stressing the permanence of acid stain, he cautions that additional coats will only darken the color, not make it lighter. The reporter also provides tips for achieving specific shades, suggesting that waiting two to three hours before neutralizing the stain produces a lighter version while leaving it overnight results in a darker hue.

Furthermore, multiple coats are recommended for newer and older slabs to achieve uniformity. The reporter further warns against acid washing or using acid etching products on concrete, as it diminishes the concrete’s ability to absorb standard-grade acid stains. This comprehensive guide concludes the segment, offering valuable insights into the nuances of concrete staining for an informed and successful application.

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